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I apologise for the inconvenience! -cmorgan



Download this file : <REMOVED> and extract it to your desktop.


You should see two files, one labled




and the other one labled




Now, find your BaldursGateTutu folder on your harddrive.


In it, you should see a file named




Delete this. Replace it with the new one on your desktop.


Now find the folder named "BG1NPC", and open it. Inside, you will see a folder named




which has a file named




Delete this file. Replace it with the new one from your desktop.


At the end of the procedure, you should have the files in the following places:






Double-click on the "setup-bg1npc.exe", and go on from there :help:


(For the more technically inclined, download WeiDU v202, upgrade, and delete the "END" from ..\BG1NPC\lib\tutu_area_script_assign.tph line #442)




Download the Mac package for WeiDU v202, and follow the steps for upgrading:




After you have downloaded it, rename the file








and then go find your BaldursGateTutu directory. in there, find the file named the same ("setup-bg1npc") and delete it. Replace it with the new file.


Download the package for Windows, above, and extract the files to your top directory/desktop. Immediately delete the file with the .exe extension (it is for PCs). You should have one file, labled




Go to the subdirectory (folder) "bg1npc\lib\" and find the older file marked




Delete this one, and replace it with the new one.



This should take care of the problem.


I apologise for the inconvenience! This will be repaired in v15. -cmorgan

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For the more technically inclined, download WeiDU v202, upgrade, and delete the "END" from ..\BG1NPC\lib\tutu_area_script_assign.tph line #442


What this does is twofold:

1. upgrades WeiDU to above v201, where under some conditions WeiDU would have trouble parsing .cre v1 for things like ADD_MEMORIZED_SPELL, etc.

2. make it possible to complete an install using the upgraded version of WeiDU. A copy/paste error on my part while creating a standalone library for community use got an extra END. Technically, the TOTSC areas in a Tutu install ended up not being inspected for correct script assignment, and WeiDU versions before v202 let this by without a parse error. the bigg fixed this for us, and now WeiDu will stop the install because of the error, but I have not been able to put together v15 yet with the repaired library file.


As far as I can tell, on a BGT install, unless you have an install error this has no effect on your game until you upgrade WeiDU. The most common cause for complaint is an error message indicating an error with STRING.SUB; if your BGT logs don't see it, then an earlier mod or BGT itself rebuilt NEB and the small number of ingame .cres that were in v1 already. On Tutu, this is very important.

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Hi again! Thanks for the prompt reply.


Ok, I didn't get that string.sub error, though I was using weidu 2.02.


I suspect the reason is becos my install didn't include the below components for tutu.

For other players aren't using the below tutu components, v14 should be stable for now <- pls correct me if i'm wrong on this? Thx

  • NPCs Can Be Sent to Wait in an Inn
  • Alora's Starting Location (tutu/bgt)
  • Eldoth's Starting Location
  • Quayle's Starting Location
  • Tiax's Starting Location
  • Check for TutuFix Walking Speeds

Thanks for the great mod dude!

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Well, actually, it would be the required core fixes that would error out; if you didn't get this error, then in just means your particular distribution/install is good to go. Users of German and (I think) the original 5 disc set US occasionally reported the string.sub problem, but the bigg at PPG/weidu.org will be the dude to check with to figure out what the big picture is (no pun intended).


I am trying to get out v15 ASAP to make this much easier for everyone, as your work on the automated installer is likely to push a new wave of downloads, and easier for user = more players taking advantage.



And thanks for the compliment to the mod :) I am just the tech support on this, though I love it dearly; the real kudos goes to a whole (105 at last count, I believe) community of authors, testers, coders, recoders, retesters, but most especially Blucher and Kish for the original concept, Andyr, and huge amounts of authorship and coordination from Domi.

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Ummmm, good plan but I don't have WinRAR.......


I just re-purchased (like 9 hours ago) the whole BG1&2 set and wanted to go through from the start (oh the nostalgia- uni student, a cold flat, skiping lectures, sitting in bed ALL day to play BG1! Now those were the days....) but with the nifty new add-ons.


If the v15 will be out soon and usable for those of us who are pretty basic in their computer skills (or lack there-of as the case may be), I might put off the getting started again.





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Sorry... I mean between BG1NPC Project and Drizzt Saga :>


It seems that was a tricky conflict between the two. With both mods the Drizzt encounters both happen after defeating the Gnolls, so they may be conceptually incompatible. In one runthrough I did the Drizzt saga and in other I skipped that part and did Dynaheir's quest by manually setting the Global. And to my knowledge if you don't accept Drizzt in the party for D saga, then that quest is forever lost.

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I'm still lookig into a way of doing this - but so far, the CLUAConsole workaround setting the variable is still the only way to do this reasonably.


The biggest problem with fixing it is if you are romqancing Dynaheir, you accept Drizzt and co. into your party to do FlySoup's mod - and Drizzt ends up jumping in and talking to himself. Just a liitle bit too bizzare, I think. I don't even want to know what happens when you decide to kill one Drizzt for the loot, while Drizzt watches (or worse, participates).

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One thing I noticed in the BCS I think for Dyn's quest, the names of the areas were very different aand didn't have area numbers so I think that is why the spawn wasn't happening so I had to CLUA GLOBAL. THe area names were not the same as what appears in the worldmap.

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