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Final Angelo pre-release version is up!


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This version is as complete as v1 will be. Three previous versions were stable enough, so this one is even better - with a very special Bodhi abduction, a sequence with Imoen in ToB and a very special scene that just *might* take place if you rest in Amkethran tavern.


If you'd like to join testing, please, post here.


To our valued beta-testers: please, check your private messages. (And if, for whatever reason, you haven't got one, I am sorry in advance: please, post here or PM me).

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This sounds intresting, and looks like a nice mod. I'd be all too happy to try it out if you still need testers.


No problem, but your personal messenger seems to be disabled. You'd better contact CamDawg somehow, or wait for authorisation.


I second Eepacse. I'd like to beta as well, if you'll have me.


Sure, PM sent.


And re-sent PMs to everyone else, since I accidentally gave you Mac links. Sorry about that.

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No problem, but your personal messenger seems to be disabled. You'd better contact CamDawg somehow, or wait for authorisation.


Ee, my bad. I think it's fixed now, however. Sorry about that [serves me right for now activating my account, heh. :) ]

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This version is probably as complete as v1 will be




The newest version also includes:


-a new "merchant" in the Temple District with a small stock

-a final talk with Sarevok in ToB along with a relic from the past

-new options for males talking to Angelo about Shar-Teel

-Aerie stuttering implemented


Thanks all testers, both new and old! :)



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Thanks to everyone who volunteered! I think we're all set by now.


To our valued beta testers:


Please, send me everything you have so far(bug reports, typos and the like) via PM by the end of the week, if you can. Yes, even if you haven't completed your run, yet: that's all right. If you prefer, send them both to me and to SisterVigilante, especially if it is content-related feedback.


Again, thank you, everyone!

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Okay, so far all reports I received have been integrated. I'm sorry to say you won't get Imoen ToB sequence in this version - I made a typo in Imoen's ToB script(know that it's imoe25, not imoen25). It's been fixed and tested, though, so that's all right.

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Note: I fixed a couple of minor issues for a male PC, so this side should be running smoothly.


If you have anything to report, please, do so tonight or tomorrow. Otherwise, I'll be wrapping up the Official Version One.

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So, it's Monday, and Angelo playtesting is at an end.


Thank you very much for participating. I tried to make sure I answered all reports and private messages, but in case I did not answer yours - thank you very much, I made sure all reported issues were corrected.


When v1 is released, I'll unpin this topic, and pin "Bugs and Typos for v1" instead.

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