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Basically, I was thinking how high to set up the skills check for Pass/Fail options on the many, many, many conversational and stats checks in the Deathstalker, when it occured to me that I should be doing not a 'hard' check on PC's score, but to check if her score on this skill is higher than that of the NPC she's trying to sweet-talk, bluff, outwit or intimidate instead. Does that sound better than the 'get that number' check?

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A "resisted" check might be useful in some situations, like when you're both trying to convince one another to do something, but there would be times where it doesn't make sense. For example, if you try to intimidate someone into telling you something that someone else has intimidated into keeping secret, it wouldn't make sense that you would be battling the target's intimidation score, it would have to be a difficulty based on how afraid the person was of the original intimidator.



(I think I just achieved some sort of record for the use of the concept of intimidation in a sentence)

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