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Mods that alter the animations for the Cloak of Mirroring, Spell Trap, and Physical Mirror


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I know there are a few mods that deal with this, but I'm confused at to what is possible.


I may be mistaken, but I would've thought that some sort of visual effect for Spell Trap is necessary. I did post about this before, but got no reply:




The Sword Coast Stratagems II readme appears to agree that a visual effect is important in some circumstances.


Using a combination of BG2 Tweaks, Sword Coast Stratagems II, and One Pixel Productions, is the following possible:


Invisible Cloak of Mirroring and Physical Mirror, with the Spell Trap effect the one from 1PP.

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any BAM can be replaced...

I think the spell reflection and spell deflection animations are hard-coded, since the animation comes along with the applying of the effect - so you'd have to track down the correct BAM and replace it with a blank animation sequence.

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Using BG2Tweaks, what you want isn't possible.


Without BG2Tweaks, you could add a disable visuals effect to the cloak (killing all automatic SPMAGGLO and SPSTURNI for that character only) and then modifying Spell Trap to run SPMAGGLO separately (although, it will lead to two copies of the animation playing over characters not wearing the cloak).


Or you can just leave it alone, and it will all work fine. Or just not use the cloak.

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