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Spells and items which grant protection from fear don't prevent dropping weapons in panic

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The somewhat annoying effect #264 - Drop Weapons in Panic is present in several fear spells i.e. Cloak of Fear (SPPR416.SPL) and MIST_HORROR (SPIN675.SPL). Unfortunately, the spells and items which grant immunity to panic and fear do not grant immunity to this effect. This can become annoying when you suddenly notice that your mage is missing his Amulet of Power after entering Hell and preparing to fight Irenicus because he happened to encounter a Wandering Horror way back in the Forest of Tethyr.


While complete immunity to this opcode might not be justified (due to its potential use in modded items and spells which may have nothing to do with fear) making items and spells which grant protection from fear prevent these two specific spells (via effect #206) would be quite reasonable IMO. In summary, I'm suggesting to add protection from SPPR416 and SPIN675 to Remove Fear, Resist Fear, Dragonslayer, Blackrazor...etc.

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For a quick demonstration of this problem, cast the level 1 priest spell "Remove Fear" on a fully equipped six-character party, and then spawn an opponent with the following script near them:




You'll soon notice that even though your party members are unaffected by the actual panic effect, they start dropping their gear to the ground, one by one. Funnily, this even includes their armor i.e. Minsc just dropped his Full Plate Mail in my game. :):)

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You know, just the other week, I was going over the immunity stuff. And just the other day, I was trying to decide if mistho's weapon "drop" effect should be dispel/resist 0 (a patch I had in for whatever reason) or left at 1. Why didn't it occur to me then, you might ask.

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