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PS:T Tweak Request


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Maybe this doesn't require an actual tweak, and it's doable manually by copying the disks to the hard drive or whatever, but I can't think of a better place to ask.


Is it possible in any way to do a "full install" of my 4-CD Planescape: Torment game so that I don't have to do any disk switching? EasyTuTu got rid of that incredibly annoying "feature" in Baldur's Gate and I'd love it if I could eliminate that annoyance from the best CRPG evar as well, heh. If I have to have -a- game disk in the CD drive, that's fine, as long as I can get away from having to switch it out midgame.


Many thanks for any help!


EDIT: I would just copy the files and modify torment.ini to point it to the proper directories, but a few things make me nervous to do that, like the fact that the torment.ini file references a 5th CD and all that :)



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Well, I can now tell you what happens if you try what I said in my edit, heh.


I copied all 4 discs to the hard drive, and pointed all the settings in torment.ini to their respective locations on the hard drive. RESULT: It -plays- off the hard drive, which had the nice side effect that the movies such as the intro now play beautifully and stutter-free, but it still required me to put disk 2 in the CD drive before I could even start the game. I don't know (yet) if I'll have to put disks 3 or 4 in later, but I suspect I probably will.


So back to my original question. Is there a way to get rid of the disk switching? If what I did above will make the game content with just having CD2 in the drive for the rest of the time I play it, I'm fine with that, but if it's going to make me switch any of the other disks in and out midgame, I'd love some sort of solution if possible.



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While we're on the subject of PS:T...


The Platter's Fixpack and the Restorations mods tend to overwrite a lot of the same files in the override directory. I installed the Fixpack first, then Restorations. In most cases Restorations had a more recent date, but there were even a few cases where the Fixpack had a more recent date than Restorations (usually only by a couple days, though). In the end I hit "Yes To Replace All". Should I have done this, and are there any known issues from using both? Or should I have just picked one?


Actually, to be complete, here's all the mods I was intending on installing and their order:


Torment Official 1.1 patch

Platters Fixpack 1.37

Platters Fixpack 1.37 beta

Restoration Pack

The Candlestick Quest



...and then I plan to install the Widescreen mod and check it out, see if I prefer running the game in 800x600.


All the mods I referenced are in the PPG modlist.



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Actually there is a mod "Cirerrek's AI Scripts" tSeries version, that i never got to work with torment after installation of those mods. A pity since it would be really useful. Also the guy that is doing a patch "SKARDAVNELNATE all inclusive pack", is doing pretty poor work, including a game crash in the lotar store (ofsets wrong fixable in nearinfinity, and wrong checks in the new pendant of yemeth quest (ditto).

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Yeah, I'm in the process of installing all the mods, and I think I'm going to uninstall what he added. I'm not at all confident about it.


Right now I'm running into an issue where the G3 MaxHP component is causing the game to crash upon starting it (uninstalling that component makes the game work again). I'm going to reinstall, leave out the "All Inclusive" mod, and just do the NOCD crack, Fixpack, Fixpack beta, Restoration Pack, and Candlequest, then G3PSTweak, and see if the same issue still happens. (If I should be doing that in a different order, please let me know).


EDIT: I can tell I've been massively spoiled by WeiDU mods. All I can do is think of how desperately Fixpack and Restoration Pack need to be WeiDUized, as when you're installing Restoration Pack you have to overwrite dozens of Fixpack files, and I honestly doubt that the second incorporates the fixes of the first.



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Uh oh. The G3 MaxHP tweak is consistently causing the game to crash on startup. And I tried installing it without the NOCD crack, too, just to eliminate that as a consideration. Installing patch 1.1, then Fixpack 1.37, then the longstanding Fixpack 1.37beta (a.k.a. 1.38), then Restoration Pack, then Candle Quest, all seems to work fine. Adding the MaxHP component from G3 Tweak Pack then makse it crash.


Just so you know, the Tweak Pack comes with Weidu version 185. Based on this thread:




I thought there might be something wrong with version 185 as well as 187. So I uninstalled, copied the "setup-bg1ub.exe" from my TuTu install and renamed it to "setup-G3PSTweak.exe", and ran it (I hope I understand the nature of WeiDU well enough that that was a good thing to try). It did indeed register as WeiDU version 20400 when I ran, and I installed them, and unfortunately it -still- makes the game crash.


EDIT: Installing the individual MaxHP component "by Grog" available from:




...doesn't cause the game to crash. No idea if it works yet, of course.


Oh, and if someone is going to take a look at all this, let me point out that the ""SKARDAVNELNATE all inclusive pack" guy claims to have found issues with the Stacking portion of the Tweak pack, and includes fixes, although for the life of me I couldn't figure out how they were supposed to be installed.


EDIT 2: One last thing that would be nice is to change the default directory that the tweak mod installs to. It defaults to "C:/Program Files/Black Isle/Planescape - Torment", but the default directory of the game is just "C:/Program Files/Black Isle/Torment".



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I recall a similar error yes.


For now, just leave it off. It's fairly straightforward to just edit the HP 2DA yourself in a text editor. Just change all the dice to d1's and the number of dice rolled to the number of HP required. That's the old fashioned way of doing a maxHP patch, hehe.


Though, I do wonder what could be causing this crash. Doesn't the fix just edit the 2DA through WeiDU?

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Just thought I'd note that for now, the "Grog" version of MaxHP that I linked to about 4 posts up works perfectly for both TNO and all the NPC's you find along the way. Haven't had any problems with it at all. For those not comfortable with editing 2da's themselves :thumbsup:



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