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Potions of magic blocking

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Apologies if this is elsewhere (I can't find it) but potions of magic blocking (potn33) are documented as blocking spells of L1-5 and removing any such spells already on the caster; actually they block and remove spells of all levels.


What I'm less sure about is how to fix it. I don't think the documented effect is achievable because I don't know a way to dispel only spells of L1-5. I'd lean towards restricting the blocking to L1-5 and accepting the dispel problem as unfixable rather than amending the description (the item is imported mostly-unchanged from pre-TOTSC BG1, which didn't have spells above L5) but I can see the case for going the other way.

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I thought we already did this (sans dispel, which isn't worth changing)?


My bad, sorry. (That's what I get for looking at the file rather than testing in-game). You've done it, by setting the probability of the effect kicking in to zero. I just saw the effect and didn't think to look at the probability.

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