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How many levels of thief are needed?


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I made my PC a mage, but Nikosh is the only IWD2 NPC P thief and he honestly bores me, so i need to pick some thief levels for my custom created character. So, how many? And on what abilities do i spend my points given on level up? I have already taken two levels of rogue and spent the abilities points on open locks and disarm traps. I just have two points on "search" (or whatever is named in the english version)

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Iirc Banshee folk recommend 4 levels of a thief. Yep, traps and locks will be the best, imo, and they are not that critical imo. There is just one heavily trapped sequence in the entire game, I recall.

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Ok, my party is as follows:


PC: Odin (mage/thief, i hope to be able to put a few levels of fighter, too)







I'm using Diriel to do the "search" task. He's an elf, after all.


So far i have not any problems with thief skills, but i'm still in chapter 1. (i always play very slowly due to several reasons, being the lack of spare time the most crucial one)


Thx for the info, Domi.

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