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Possible BG1 NPC v.15 Bug


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I posted this over in the state of union thread and thought I'd throw it out here since the most drastic change I made was installing v.15 yesterday.


I seem to have run into a bug with my mouse pointer. When I use the mouse to scroll across the map I can't move left on on the top half with all the settings, map etc. The arrow keys work and I can scroll left with the mouse from the bottom half of the text box. Anyone ever run into this bug? It's not a big deal playing the game. More annoying than anything else.


I had no problems with this until yesterday when I installed the new BG NPC project v15 and made a few different choices with bg Tweaks and SCS tweaks.


I'm not sure if the bug is a symptom of the new Npc version or the tweak changes. Anyone else trying the new NPC run into this?

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Well the only two other games I have installed are BG1 proper and BG:TOB I am seeing the same behavior in TOB and in BG1 everything is fine. I even tried switching back to my wheel mouse but no go. I'm thinking that whatever happened must have just been a coincidence after the NPC install.

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Are you using more than a monitor maybe? BG2 doesn't trap the pointer when it's running, meaning that the pointer will travel to your left (or whatever) monitor, rather than sticking to the edge of the BG2 window and scrolling the viewport.

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I am using a widescreen monitor so that might be causing the problem. I might try the the widescreen patch and see if that helps. Like I said, this started after my new NPC install so I just assumed that as the culprit. Wasn't a problem in my first install. My hd was acting funny before then, now that I think about it. These mega installs must be taxing the poor old pc.


Thanks for the feedback. I'll look into the problem if I can pull myself away from this addicting game.


Edit: Thanks the bigg!!!! You seemed to have hit the nail on the head. For some reason when my PC crashed yesterday dual monitors was enabled. I'm thinking my graphics card failed so my on-board graphics was then re-enabled. Mods feel free to lock this thread. I apologize for the confusion and thank everyone for the help.

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