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Charming Tabitha

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Game TOB (patch 26498); fixpack 6; tweakpack 5


In the Copper Coronet, when you try to help Hendak, you fight the beastmaster and his beasts, among them his panther Tabitha.

A neat, ironic, trick is to use Jaheira's Charm Person or Mammal on the beasts so that they attack the beastmaster.

With other beasts, it works, but when Tabitha is charmed, she turns on you again after some seconds. Her circle becomes red, but when you click, you don't attack, you must force attack her like she was still an ally.

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Tabitha has a weird bit of ChangeEnemyAlly scripting which probably wonks out with charm. I think it's meant to make sure Tabitha is always loyal to the Beastmaster no matter what (since she gets ActionOverrided to Enemy anyway). It'd probably be better conveyed by immunity to charm if we agree on this.

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