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Fixed bug: Machine gun banters in city of BG


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Well, after taking my sweet time getting there, I finally arrived at the city of Baldur's Gate. Upon arrival in the eastern section of the city at night, the following banters occurred one right after the other:

  • Elminster talks to PC
  • Khalid-PC banter re: Elminster
  • Imoen-Khalid banter where she sneaks up on him
  • Jaheira-Khalid re: children
  • Jaheira-Khalid re: green eyes and temper
  • Jaheira-Khalid re: KHalid's bad dream
  • Minsc-Khalid re: Boo's diet

It appears as if an additional banter between Khalid and the PC would fire here, except that he starts stuttering.


Party is PC, Khalid, Minsc, Imoen, Dynaheir and Jaheira.

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