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Install Component [Replace many magic weapons with fine ones]?


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I've does not find a topic about that and don't know if you have heard of the problem (I already think).

herefore I list them as reminder.


Install Component [Replace many magic weapons with fine ones]? [N]ot Install

This component is not compatible with the component "Iron shortage causes weapons, armor, and shields to shatter" from Baldur's Gate Trilogy WeiDU.


In addition another two problems as reminder.


Install Component [Allow player to choose NPC proficiencies and skills]? nstall

If you choose this component, you can choose the component "ToB style of the NPCs" from BG2 Tweak Pack no more.


Install Component [better calls for help]? [N]ot Install

Don't install this component. When you kick a BG1 NPC out from the party they won't say anything or rejoin.


Greetings Leomar

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