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Problems with Gavin's Durlyle Dialogue

Ana Christina

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Hi, berelinde!


Thank you for your work on Gavin! I have to say that there hasn't been a single game I played without him so far. He is a great addition to my parties. :(


I'm playing with version 3, Gavin's Romance is at 3 and I wish to tell you about two problems with Gavin's reaction to Durlyle's kiss: first of all, Gavin endlessly repeats the following dialogue after Durlyle kisses the PC:


@157 = ~That was completely uncalled for! You certainly did not ask for that. <CHARNAME>, are you all right?~

@158 = ~Yes, I think so. Thanks for asking.~

@159 = ~Actually, it was rather nice.~

@160 = ~It was unwelcome, but I will survive.~

@161 = ~I feel violated.~


I managed to solve it by setting the "B!DurlyleKissNoRom" variable to 2 via the console (I hope this is all right and I have not ruined my game).


Secondly, the third reply in the above-mentioned dialogue leads to a No Valid Replies or Links situation. Perhaps the problem is the missing "IF ~~ THEN EXIT" in the following sequence?



SAY @164



I am aware of the existence of v.31, but I think it only deals with the BGT bug, so I have not downloaded it (I am playing with EasyTutu). Apologies if the two problems I've mentioned have already been fixed in v3.1.

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Yes, and good timing, because I'm just getting ready for the G3 upload of that. I'll look at it. I'm sure I'm not setting something somewhere.


Edit: Yes, I forgot to close the variable... oops! And I got lucky with the dialogue choice you selected. The others all have the IF ~~ THEN EXIT in place, but not that one.


Fixing that, and Shaitan's typo, and sending it off for integration. Thanks!

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You're welcome and thank you for the quick reply! :(


I'm not sure if this is a Gavin related issue and I hope it's not too late to report if it is (I've just come across it), but here goes anyway: in Durlag's Tower (Basement level), after talking to Bayard, Gavin leaves the party. You can find the event in question here:












I've solved it by using CTRL-Y on Gavin before the conversation (sorry!); I'm pretty sure it's Bayard who is supposed to do an "Escape Area", because that's how it happens when Gavin is not alive to interject.

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Fixed locally, with the changes going into the next version, which will be out very, very soon.


Turns out that I'm an idiot. I have the wrong speaker for that "Thanks for patching me up" line.


I cannot thank you enough for your well-documented, thorough reports! They make my life much easier. I've said before that you're a modder's dream player, and I find myself in your debt again. Thanks!

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