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  1. You're welcome; you more than deserve all the praise in the world for Ajantis. And to think that the SoA portion is out already makes me even happier. Now all I can hope for is time to play through it all. Thank you again for putting so much effort and talent into this mod. The way you edited the post makes it perfectly clear now. I'm sorry that I had misunderstood. Blame it on my ESL issues, please.
  2. Hiya, Jastey! It's probably my fault for what had happened. Maybe I left the area just as the timer expired and Douglas spawned. Thank you for your help. Doing what you said spawned a Douglas who 'had nothing to say', but then I thought to reset the AjantisHasRing variable to 1, which made him approach Ajantis & give the speech. Gods, I had forgotten how wonderful this romance was. Thank you again for writing such a splendid Mod and for being so nice and prompt with your help!
  3. Hello. I've come back to the game after a long break and am playing through it with BG1NPC installed. Was going to play the Ajantis romance, but it won't progress beyond LT16. If I recall correctly, after he talks with the PC about her possible love interests and finds out there aren't any, the next time the party is in town, a messenger named Douglas is supposed to spawn in order to hand over to Ajantis the letter from his family; afterwards, as soon as the party rests, Ajantis will confess his love. However, that hasn't happened in my game yet, even though it's been ages since his last LT, have visited Nashkel and Beregost, and the romance is definitely still active. I've looked through the variables and 'X#AjantisHasRing' is set to 1, so if memory serves, things should happen... any minute now. I'm probably doing something wrong, but I just don't know what. Could someone please help me? Thank you very much in advance.
  4. It's a horrible tragedy. I can only hope that medicine such as Aricept will be helpful enough to at least make the disease evolve slower. I hate the fact that a man as talented and as brilliant as Terry is can do nothing against such a devastating diseases. It's just unfair.
  5. I like both, but I prefer a third one: simply "love", because it is 1) seldom used, and thus less cliche (in my opinion); 2) very powerful - it definitely gets the point across, as far as I'm concerned. I agree with what Domi said about how always using the same word could get tiresome after hearing it too often. So why not have two of them? Or three, for that matter? But that's just me and I believe you know what I think anyway. My suggestion is to go with what you consider to be the way he'd call his romantic interest. As for Ajantis'/Ajantis's, I prefer the former because it feels and hears more natural to pronounce to me. Then again, if you're really unsure about either of them, you could try replacing some of the possessives with "[X] of Ajantis" (eg: the shield of Ajantis), which is more long winded and can get annoying if used too often, but it can still be acceptable in some places.
  6. Last time I played with BG1NPC, I solved this problem by leaving Coran on the first floor of the house, and talking to the lady in question with him as far away as possible. Thus, his interjection did not happen, and the party was able to return the fibula. Perhaps you could do the same, and see if it helps? As for a recent save, isn't loading the last autosave an option?
  7. Understandable. Thank you for the reply. Am I to understand, then, that the first Google result with your name is you? If so, then colour me impressed. Though, not surprised, judging by your posts here and in other places. That's all right. My motivation for installing Ascension to begin with was the Balthazar component, and now I have the perfect mod for it. I cannot even begin to tell you how grateful I am to you for this component. By the way, is Balthazar's Ascension epilogue also included in your mod? Good to know. I'll probably look into it one day. However, now that your mod caters to my main need (alliance with Balthazar), I have no interest in installing Ascension anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love a tough battle from time to time, but my former experience with that bug annoyed me so much that there'll be a while before I move on.
  8. Congratulations! It sounds like a wonderful mod. Also, I have a small request for clarification, please. The ReadMe says: To me it says I can have what I always wanted in ToB, i.e., the opportunity to ally with Balthazar instead of being forced to kill him, but without the horrible bug* I experienced whenever I had Ascension installed (i.e., Yaga in the final battle taking forever to die, with 1HP of damage for half an hour or more). In other words, I could play ToB the way I wanted to play it, minus the bug of the Ascension battle on Core rules. Please tell me whether I am reading this right. *More details about why I hate that bug are in this topic. And while I am at this, Mr. DavidW, I've just thought to ask something else as well: are you DMWWallace at the BioWare forums?
  9. Happy birthday, berelinde! May all your dreams come true!
  10. Thanks for the reply. It sounded like a jealous banter to me, which is why I pointed it out. Oh, and also because - IIRC - the banter that precludes it (Gavin noticing how Ajantis is attentive towards the PC) did not happen, so it felt a little bit awkward to hear Ajantis mentioning it. Anyway, whatever you do, I am sure you know best.
  11. Hi, berelinde. I have a game in which the PC's romance with Ajantis has been disabled via the console since the very beginning for testing purposes. While playing, I have, nevertheless, witnessed this dialogue*, and I thought to ask whether it was supposed to trigger even in those cases in which the romance with Ajantis was inactive? *For the record, the rest of the dialogue in question can be found here, here, and here, though the screencaps are from a different game.
  12. She's not gay, but her romance has certain requirements. Your PC has to respect these conditions: The first talks happen at rest, so make sure you do rest from time to time. Please check here for the list of conditions for each talk and for the first lines in each LT.
  13. Has anyone else noticed that barely a week has passed since the technical support forum for Mass Effect PC has opened, and yet it has 3038 posts? If yes, is such a huge number of problems only a week after the opening normal? I wanted to buy this game, but looking at the support forums makes me wary, to say the least. If for no other reason, then because Jade Empire, which, I understand, was also initially released on console only, is an older game that has far less posts in the tech support forum (2966).
  14. I wouldn't know, sorry: I've never played with some of the mods you have, so it's beyond me. Read the ReadMes of each mod, and the topic I linked you to in its entirety, and see what they say about this; usually, every mod ReadMe mentions whether the mod needs a new game in order to function. Please keep it in mind that I am a player, not a modder, so my advice is to be taken accordingly. Here's what I'd do had I been in your place: first uninstall BG1NPC, then uninstall BG1UB, and then reinstall them both like this: 1) BG1UB, except for the conflicting components (from the topic I linked you to, these are: Angelo Notices Shar-Teel, Finishable Kagain Caravan Quest, Coran and the Wyverns, Kivan and Tazok, Branwen and Tranzig, Corrected Minor Dialogues/Minor Dialogue Restorations (version dependent title)); 2) BG1NPC project. Fire up your saved game when it's done. If it works, yay. If it doesn't, then it possibly won't, unless you do a clean install with a correct install order. Good luck.
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