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Point of reference?

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Ok, preparing in advance for the continuation of the Bishop romance in MotB, but I'm uncertain where to "pause" so to speak. I really dont remember just whereabouts in the game you end up having the wall dream sequence. (I thought I read something about you making it so we can "aquire" Bishop from that scene)


I dont want to progress the campaign anywhere that I might miss out on something romance wise, so at the moment, i'm stopped right where I've defeated Okku and his spirit army and am just kinda wandering around the town.


I only played through MotB once when it first was released so theres a bit i dont even remember about the story progression ^_^ I have vague rememberances about dream sequences when you go to the hag place, is that where it happens?

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Yes, the Wall dream sequence in Coveniya Kurgannis is where you will see Bishop in the original game, and after that you will need to talk to Kaelyn to ressurect him.

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