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Expanding it


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It`s not going to remain a One-Day NPC, is it? I mean it`s going to be expanded with additional banters, quests etc. and it will have TotSC content too, right?


PLUS OMG DSOTSC!!!!!!!!11111eleven


Lookin` good, congrats Andyr!

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Thanks. :groucho: Yeh, I plan to add banters for the couple of NPCs I didn't quite get round to, some more for the ones I did, and of course more interjections and chats with the PC. I've got a few quest ideas hanging round, too.


But first I'll sit and wait for bug reports. Not that there will be any, but, uh, just in case...

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Now you're up to v2 so perhaps a couple of suggestions for expansion?


In the area (FW5000) in which the party arrives after leaving the Nashkel mines by the back door, there is a mage called Narcillicus Harwilliger Neen. He is working on a spell which would allow him to empathetically control slimes and oozes with a view to, as he says, their ultimate eradication. This strikes me as the sort of chap who would find Mur'Neth a most compelling subject for experimentation and who would, in turn, excite Mur'Neth to strenuous opposition. Instead of the one-shot battle which is now all that is offered, perhaps this Neen fellow has friends and sponsors who would assist him in a long-term harassment of the party as long as Mur'Neth is in it?


The other obvious point for expansion is Schlumpsa, the Sewer King. Since Schlumpsa's victims do not instantly delequesce, I would suppose him to be some sort of hybrid, perhaps a minor sentient Undead who got slimed, and one who would be viewed by Mur'Neth as an abomination. Since Schlumpsa is also telepathic, this would involve the party in several attacks after entering Baldur's Gate but before clearing out the sewers. It would also be fun watching Mur'Neth laying claim to the high moral ground here.

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Thanks for those suggestions! :D


I've already got a long list of interjections written for v3, bringing the level of content in the mod up to as much as the BioWare NPCs or perhaps Garrick in the BG1 NPC project. So it's really much more than a One-Day effort now. :D


I'd not had Mur'Neth view Sclumpsa as an abomination but yes, it might make things a little more interesting if I rewrite my interjections here to that view. I'll think on it.


I had not considered adding quests for him, but thinking about it those two would be ideal - Narcillicus particularly, since he's so close after you meet Mur'Neth and there'd be lots of time for stuff to develop. Very interesting...


Feel free to post more suggestions here, and I'll let you know if I come up with anything! :thumbsup:

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