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Disappearing enemy...

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As the title says, the mage that is with illyich and his mob occassionally disappears...i simply reloaded the first time when it happened, and it went ok....but i wanted to check it out again and so reloaded the battle a few (15-20) times, and he occassionally disappears.


It's always the same, he casts a few spells, usually magic missiles, and then i attack him and he'll either die as he should, or will disappear, no xp, no nothing, and he doesn't walk off into the fog of war or anything...it's strange.


He tends to run around a fair bit too...once he's cast three spells or so, he seems to be all out, and will just run randomly, not even helping his poor friends!


Anyways, just thought you might like to know, sorry its so vague! It was with v5...i realise v7 is out now, so it may have been fixed for all i know.


Related to this - Illyich himself is prolly the weakest of the lot, he never seems to want to switch to a melee weapon much, usually (90% of the time) will use his sling, and sometimes stand around doing nothing unless i engage him.


All other enemies work perfectly fine.

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I suspect he's going invisible. As of v6, he'll then attack you if he's out of spells.


I don't think so, i can be whacking away at him and he's near death but instead of dying the game will remove him from the game, like it does with many npcs when they walk away after a conversation for e.g.


But anyways, it's prolly a local issue, since it sounds like nothing you've heard complaints about before, so i'll do a full reinstall and stuff and use the newer versions, and get back to you if the behaviour is replicated anywhere.


Many thanks for the mod.

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