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I played it, all went well, and I liked it thread


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Well, a modder usually finds out that the mod is played from two sources:


1) download count :groucho:

2) bug reports... ???


Uhm... just in case anyone would like to say that it was all fine and dandy, pat us on the back and inspire us to continue working on Phase II and III... here is the thread for it :(

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At one point, I posted a mini-review of BG1 NPC project version 5; with the (hopefully temporary) death of TeamBG, it’s gone now. The mini-mini-review would be:


This is an exemplary mod. The quality of the banters ranges from good to fantastic, and the mod itself greatly enhances the play and replay value of the original game. The quests already included are entertaining and the romances and quests in the works look wonderful. If you want to try playing BG1 again, you must install this mod. It is absolutely worth your time.

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