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BG1NPC and BG2-Style Journal


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Hello -


I've been getting a few reports of quests in which the journal entries don't get cleaned up (Unsolved -> Solved) at the end, and I believe that most or all of these issues can be traced back to BG1NPC modifications. It's not the most pressing issue in the world; but then, people are concerned enough about it to take the time to post.


Here is an example thread.

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and specifically http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php?PH...13442#msg313442 ...


yep. That's us, for sure, on some code. Since Tutu v4 had strange Journal behavior, few folks paid any attention to it. I went through and repaired some and made them relatively consistent, but I suspect this needs a full treatment. Bleh. I am putting rechecking the I_C_Ts on the to-do list - those should be carrying all actions forward, including the EraseJournalEntry() but any place we have code redirecting the branch and not returning to the original state we need to make sure Journal entries are accounted for.


EDIT: Hey - for this specific example, something is really odd. Posting in the related thread at PPG. We are using I_C_T3, which I thought carried forward all actions, including EraseJournalEntry() and UNSOLVED JOURNAL etc...

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