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Pre Rendered Backgrounds

Guest Kaptain Kommunism

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GemRB doesn't come with any.


But, i know people who used 3dsmax to create bmp files and other people to grab bmp's from other games.

All postprocessing of these BMP files is possible with DLTCEP.


I also saw some people using pregenerated tilesets with IETME. (though i find this method inferior)

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You can use basically any 3D package to create backdrops for an Infinity-style engine. 3DS as Avenger pointed out, Maya, Lightwave, Blender, etc. etc. Anything which can give you an orthographic projection is suitable.


You could, in theory, draw them freehand in a 2D package as well, but it would be brutally difficult to keep things like perspective and scale consistent. (Although I suspect Shoplifting 2 may have been done freehand.)

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