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Question About Jaemal's Romance Requirements


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Does Jaemal's romance script have a minimum Charisma required in order to activate?


I usually tank Charisma to make a stronger character, but I don't want to miss out on my romance chances with Jaemal.


I know I saw somewhere that there are factors that increase and decrease probabilities in the scripts, but something more specific would be helpful.


My thanks to anybody that knows the answer.

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The following qualities of your PC influence Jaemal:


//For Jaemal


//Stats: Int >13; Wis>13 +1; CHR>13+1; Int<9; Wis<9; Chr<9 -1

//Alignment: Any good + 2;Any Evil -2

//Race: Humans, Half-Elves +2; Elves + 1; Halflings, Gnomes, Dwarves -1

//Subrace: Aasimar + 1; Drow, Duergar -2

//Class: Rogue, Barbarian -1; Wizard_All, Bard_All +1


//Skills Diplomacy>5 +1; Knowledge_Arcana>5 + 1; Spellcraft >5 +1; Use_Magic_Device>5 +1

//Skills: Bluff>5, Intimidate>5, Pick_Pocket/Open_Lock>5 Hide>5 -1


And then it's adjusted as you talk to him based on your responces. The first few talks will trigger independently of the value, and once you are done with the 'checking each other out' sequence, you will see a message that will tell you that Jaemal seems to be falling for you. :D

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Thanks, Domi, that info is HUGELY helpful! Now I know I can afford to shave a few points off charisma for my character's sake and still be able to romance him!


Would you believe I'm STILL doing the Prologue after 4 days of this? I keep getting ideas I want to try. And I know from experience that getting it all right from the very beginning affects the total gameplay profoundly, at least for me.


Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you, for this mod!

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