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LT8 doesn't start properly

Guest Alla

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Hello, everyone! I'm very impressed by this mod, It's awesome, really. But I encountered my first bug: when the gitzerai is done talking, in the "chat" window appear first lines of dialog with Bishop and the music starts, but the dialog window doesn't appear. I've reloaded several times. What can I do? hate bugs... :)

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it's me again... dialog triggered right after gitzerai's speech, but only when I asked her to give me the short version. So Domi, you made me to be rude to gitzerai :) then I had another bug: two Kanas and Veddle dissapeared


I reinstalled the game and this time didn't patched it and in version 1.1 LT8 triggered after talk with Veedle and everything was fine


But! Now LT9 doesn't trigger and I'm afraid that If I skip LT9 and LT10 and go to Illefarn Ruins, romance will screw up again


Domi, please, answer something, I'm sure that I'm not the only one with such problems

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Dialog about Silken Sisters didn't triggered, but LT12 triggered as well as LT9 and LT10. Domi, your dialogs are challenging :) this is why I didn't uninstalled this mod after the first bug. OC patch 1.12 and your mod obviosly don't like each other ;) [joke]Maybe Gann from MoTB is involved?


I also figured out that I've missed LT2 and LT5

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Yep, I started playing with all possible fixes, but in my case they didn't fixed plenty of stuff. I didn't installed any other mods, just OC+Mask+update 1.12/ Without the update romance at least continues, but I've missed dialog about Silken Sisters. Realoaded several times with no effect :)

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Hi Alla, the obvious advice, I suppose, is to play with what version works better for you, ie if the patch malfunctions on your install, go with the unpatched version.


I will check what's up with LT8 and let you know asap. :fish:

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