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I just got out of Spellhold and I have a doubt: I can't remember if I talked to Aphril with Kivan about Deherianna.


I'm planning on resurrecting Deherianna when I reach Suldanesselar but I won't be able to do that if I forgot to talk to Aphril with Kivan. Ufortunately, I don't have any savegame from before being sent to the maze by Bodhi, so I can't just reload and do the whole thing properly.


How can I check the variables in order to make sure that I did talk to Aphril? And if it appears that I did not, what corrections should I make?


Thanks very much for your help, I realize that it is maybe all for nothing but I just can't recall witnessing the Kivan-Aphril talk and don't want to miss Deherianna's resurrection because I forgot to talk to Aphril!

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Check if you have either:


Global("P#DeherianaLives","GLOBAL",1) (talked to Aphril, she said Deh lives)

Global("P#DeherianaDead","GLOBAL",1) (talked to Aphril, she said Deh dead)

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I checked with Shadowkeeper and didn't find any of those global variables, so I decided to add the first one via SK.


I hope that everything will be all right when I reach Suldanesselar, I really don't want to miss Deheriana's resurrection.


Thanks for your help!

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