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Consolidated Portraits, Please?

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It is an amazing hassle to get the ones you want, and it doesn't always work when you have to combine packs.


It seems common sense to me to put them together and update periodically, but in case it is not for some reason... I'd like to request it.


Pardon me if I sound frustrated (after a hellacious several hours of trying to make my game work)


It's just because I am... frustrated at this point.


Also, the readme for the npc portrait pack does not point to the appropriate resources


that one is just one example.

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The artists would never agree to it. Well, most of them who could be contacted probably would, but some of 'em can't or wouldn't (but in the latter case, they probably don't deserve to have their portraits displayed :fish:).


I'm willing to donate mine to a larger portrait mod. I was going to put it in a large tweak mod instead in the interest of minimising minimods (:O) but maybe a combined portrait mod is better.


Just note that such a mod might be huge, especially if everyone includes the large ToB-epilogue style portraits, but oh well.

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I know it is basically a cosmetic thing, but for me, it matters that the characters look like they "feel" to me. I like a lot of character and plot development in my diversions, and I expect that most people who will play this game nowadays will be the same.... I think most people will care about portraits, especially here with all the character based mods available. For me, it's probably more about the big arc and the characters and their respective arcs than it is about killing things. It's at least as important to me, anyway.


I think there are a lot of tweak/kit/item packs out there, and the portrait pack is a bit of a mess. It would be nice if, at minimum, the links pointed to the right portraits. It would also be nice if they were .bmps with the correct scaling (right word?) so that they can be manually added too. It would be ideal if we had a list of possibilities for each NPC so that we can pick the ones we like individually, rather than having to take or leave a whole pack.

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The best thing would be to, as you suggest, have a separate component for each NPC, then subcomponents where you can select which portrait you want, including the BG1/BG2 portraits as relevant. Then have in the readme a section for each NPC and numbered portraits that correspond to the subcomponents.


But there'd still be the matter of getting permission from all the artists, some of which are "precious" about their work, and some of which have disappeared from the scene, though maybe cmorgan or someone still has contacts with them.

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Well, you know what? Build it, and they will come. If you put together a nice, intuitive portrait pack with a bunch of options, the majority will use it even if it does not have every, single portrait.


For those who want to be too precious, their work falls into obsolesence. Who wants that? People made these to be enjoyed (I would think), and I am sure that most people would be pleased to have a better venue.


Like I said, it's currently a mess, and one has to do some hunting for the portraits because the readme has not been maintained.. or the site hasn't.

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