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Joinable NPC and kits


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I've got a joinable NPC that I'm working on. I've assigned her a kit. I understand that it is possible for kits to be removed/replaced by other mods. What I want to know is how do I set my mod up to allow the player to choose from an existing kit if the standard kit that I have assigned is not present?

Does anyone have code already that can do this? And if so, may I ask for permission to use/modify the code for my needs.


I've not dealt with kits or kit creation so that's all new to me. Shoot making an npc is new as well.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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I'm not quite sure how that works. I think with components that remove standard kits do not remove abilities of such as well. So if you had an NPC that was an assassin, even after "removing" the assassin kit, they'd still be an assassin for all practical purposes. I suppose you could read the relevant 2DAs on install, and if the kits wasn't present, offer another one Level1NPCs-style.

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