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Voicing. Yes.

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Purely hypothetically...not because I might or might not be working on a new, quite large modding project at the moment...if someone were working on a big project that required a few specific, niche vocal roles...


A large part of finding vocal talent seems to be chance, so I thought I would just throw out if anyone happens to find him/herself especially suited for any of these characters:


-An academically-inclined mage who sounds like...Lord Bertrand Russell (smart, older but spry, perhaps a little mean)


-A Cowled Wizard enforcer who sounds like...the cruel headmistress of an all-girls boarding school


-A younger and idealistic (male) Cowled Enforcer who sounds like...the class president


-A young and impressionable Cleric of Sune who sounds like...Angel Trainee Flonne


-A (female) grief-stricken terrorist who sounds like...a grief-stricken terrorist


-A slightly more balanced, but still grief-stricken male terrorist


Edit: none of the parts should be more than, like, six lines


It goes without saying I would gladly exchange my own voice. If no one has a problem with my voicing, like, an alarming percentage of the stuff out there :)

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