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Possible Jan-Delainy (ToB)


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The big push for writing for Del will be next month, but to tide you over, here is a possible Delainy-Jan banter for ToB...



Jan: "Delainy, after we are done tagging along with MainChar's little errands, if you find yourself needing a job, I could give you a recommendation to Ma Jansen. What I have in mind you would be perfect for...well, almost perfect. You do lack the requisite sea cucumber."


Delainy: "Jan, that was quite clear, especially for you. Okay, I'm probably going to regret asking this, but what job did you have in mind?"


Jan: "With your keen nose, you would be perfect guarding the turnip patch! Why, just last year alone we lost five good gnomes to mole-related incidents."


Delainy: "How could you lose five gnomes to mole-related incidents?"


Jan: "It's that nasty Urdlen. He can't stand the thought of someone enjoying a good, roasted turnip. So he sends his weremoles to eat the whole patch. Quite disrespectful, if you ask me."


Delainy: "Weremoles? Are you serious? There really are weremoles? And who is Urdlen?"


Jan: "Urdlen is the Crawler Below. Rather petty when you think about it. Gets too jealous to share. So when he notices a particularly tasty turnip harvest, he sends his weremoles to consume it. However, you would make the perfect guardian! You wouldn't have to worry about their bite, and you could smell them before they got to the surface."


Delainy: "Um, I will think about it Jan."

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Does Jan even need the things he talks about to be real?



Then again, when turnips are concerned, he's all business. :)



Nice stuff, I particularly like the way the sea cucumber is spoken of, but not further elaborated, as though Jan feels its purpose should be abundantly clear to any right thinking being.

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And ever since I first saw this, I've been visioning Jan's cellar (pixel by pixel), and his uncle Scratchy (or what ever his name was, I don't meet the old gnome too often) fighting for territory with a Delainy with a bad morning temper. As fun as it sounds, I do hope Del will say no. Even with the Bhaalspawn business over and done with, surely she'll continue on with the PC? Please? Pretty please?


Oh okay, don't give us any spoilers about the happy ending. :)

I'll go back and dream that the PC and Del will settle down on the island where it all began.


Good banter, btw! :D

This keeps getting interesting.

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