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  1. I second all of the sentiments in this post. I've been somewhat active in the past year on some non-Baldur's Gate related parts of Reddit. I think it broke something in my head. Here's to the next fifteen years!
  2. Like the others, I'm sorry to hear that. Thank you for keeping us updated all this time, though.
  3. Nice to hear from you again! Hope school wasn't too annoying. I liked the Korgan banter, by the way.
  4. And above all, don't worry about us. Delainy will be well-received whether you release the mod in three days or in three years. As my mom likes to say, there is always time.
  5. They don't seem to like me either. I keep getting "Cannot find server".
  6. Dynaheir. My character is an elf fighter/mage who never feels so comfortable as when Minsc is kicking butt by his side, so Dynaheir was a natural to come along. The romance itself is intelligent and sophisticated (and gave my character a chance to show off his general knowledge. He has 18 Intelligence and 15 Wisdom by the end of Baldur's Gate). In fact, I'm gonna play it again.
  7. OMG teh available for public download!! Coolness.
  8. I'd be glad to play something that hasn't yet been played. I'm more familiar with where things and quests are, etc., in the early parts of the game (Cloakwood and earlier) because I never actually finished Baldur's Gate way back in the pre-Tutu days, but I have enthusiasm and a very fast laptop.
  9. Well, October 19 was a Monday in 1987 and the stock market crashed, but I doubt that was what you meant. What does helping involve? Can I help?
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