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GemRB vs Planescape: Torment


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Dear community,


so I have downloaded GemRB v0.30 and have fired up my favorite CRPG, Planescape: Torment.

First a big thumbs-up for GemRB :) and a big thank you for building and maintaining the engine.

However I have a few issues with GemRB and PST:

  • When the Nameless One dies, his character icon is replaced by one of the group's icons and the game continues.
  • I can use portals without the corresponding key.
  • Descriptions and notes on the map screen are truncated to a few characters.
  • I have managed to get the sounds/music to play, but the sound is choppy.

Are these issues known? How can I help to resolve them?


Many thanks in advance and Best Regards,



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I don't remember having any problems with the audio, but unfortunately I can't check right now.


The issues are probably not known (they weren't to me, but I didn't do much more than run pst), since there is nothing on bugzilla.

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Well, i'm being lazy nowadays, and not doing anything with the code (touched it 20 days ago). The best would be if people start submit patches :)

Yes, i know it requires C or at least Python knowledge, but well, i bet there ARE more people who can code.

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