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Is there any way to display the value of a Stat?


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Some character has this stat, say Scriptingstate1, that has some value. I can CheckStatGT it and stuff, but I would really like to DisplayString it. Is there any way to do this? (Except checking for infinite possible values) With globals and tokens as steps in between?


It would be completely awesome if I could display it on the character information sheet. (I could even hijack the displaying of a stat like "Open Doors" for it, but I don't want to actually change this modifier).

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Unfortunately, the only way is to use


247 SetToken(S:Token*,I:STRREF*)

This action sets the specified token to the specified value. Whenever the token is then used within a strref, the current value of the token will be displayed. Values assigned by this action are not saved.




335 SetTokenGlobal(S:GLOBAL*,S:Area*,S:Token*)

This action sets the specified token to the given variable (in the specified scope). The example script will display 100 over the head of the active creature.


Then you put in your string <Token> and the engine does the replacement.

I'm not sure whether the Global must be an integer, I expect so.


Unfortunately, because of the limits of the scripting engine, you have to CheckStat against discrete integers. So there is not a clear way to set the stat into a Global quickly, you'd have to have a block for each possibility.

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