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  1. Ooh, somebody who has read both The Rediscovery of Man and Cyteen? You are clearly antipodean me. I claim my seat as a stowaway in Rimrunners. And Jupiter Ascending was pretty good fun in a Stardust/Matrix/Tron way. (Hi folks. Still alive.)
  2. Hah! Good luck with that, old half-orc. Not been fireballed by the local adventurers yet?
  3. Thanks. Better take a look at that, yes... my kludge tries to limit resistances to =<100, but I'm not too confident about how well it works.
  4. Just have extra options show up if you fit the requirements. Please. Having wise party members step in and offer you the wiser options if you choose the wis<6 "Uh, guess I'll give you my artifact sword for sharpening" option could be entertaining. Or the other way round.
  5. Hmm, is it time for my biennial BG2 run, I wonder... ? Hi folks! Not dead.
  6. Flat DR is only possible in the IWD2 engine. See the FAQ.
  7. So, anyone tried on BG2:EE yet? How horribly does it break?
  8. You would have to update the code.
  9. Cheers, will take a look. Never heard of the thing before.
  10. They can block the entrance in some tight spaces indoors so that you're stuck. That's why I removed them in v3.
  11. Hmm. Wouldn't recommend it, I think. You'd see strangeness due to the invisible creature changes. Time to do a proper new release one of these weekends, with the studded/chain buffs. Watch this space...
  12. If you install the bg2tweaks' one first, I'll skip the thieving skill adjustments in this mod. At least I believe that's how I set it up way back.
  13. Version v2


    Full Plate and Packing Steel is one big rework of the armour system of BG2, IWD, BGT, and Tutu, and a small collection of tweaks, dependent or not. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  14. I think it's rather the "low level mages in AD&D 2nd ed. pen and paper are hugely underpowered, deal with it" school of thought. The two opposition schools are from the stock p&p rules. But removing the easter eggs may be a bit drastic for some tastes.
  15. The installers were unified at some point. There's only one version (well, two, if you count OS X). Chances may be better of getting answers at the mod's forum at forums.pocketplane.net, no?
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