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Modifying installation?


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When I was installing the tweaks, I accidentally "rebalanced" weapon specializations rather than simplified them (large sword, small sword, blunt weapons, etc). How do I go back and change this without having to reinstall everything all over again?

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Just reinstall tweaks, skip everything already installed that you don't want to revise and anything there you don't want to install.


When you get to those proficencies, simply select ninstall and it will uninstall it, leaving everything else untouched. :)



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Do you have any other Weidu mods on the game? If not, just uninstall the particular component by starting the Setup-BG2_Tweaks.exe again and skip the other components...

If yes... is the tweak pack at least the last... then you can do as I previously said.

If it's not... open the WeiDu.log with text editor(Notepad or Wordpad) and copypaste the content, for us to judge.

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Well what I did was install BG and BGII and then EasyTuTu.


Then I uninstalled BG and BGII to save disk space, but forgot to uninstall ETT.


Then I reinstalled BG and BGII and I noticed the installation automatically skipped all the TuTu items. So I don't think TuTu is really integrated, but it works.


So I'm gonna uninstall TuTu and re-install it, cuz I want to play a Blade from lvl 1 to lvl 40.


Thanks for the help! I'll just skip everything and install the TuTu things.




Blah! I uninstalled TuTu and let my friend borrow my BG1 disks. So now I can't install TuTu.




I guess I'll just play BG1 Vanilla style. :)

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You really are confused, aren't you.


TuTu creates a very seperate install. BGII will never have TuTu in it.


And, uhm. What?


You have BG1 Installed but you can play it vanilla and cannot install EasyTuTu.


If you want to have a Blade from the Keep to the Throne, try BGT.



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