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Sarevok Diary component


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Doing a re-install of EasyTuTu (updated version) and mods .


I see that in BG1NPC v16 there are two components to the Sarevok Diary. UB also has a Sarevok Diary component. There was nothing in either mod about conflicts between these two nor a mention of conflict for these components here. I would assume, but I might be wrong, that the UB version by SixofSpades is the same as the subcomponent by him in BG1NPC. In either case, shouldn't there be a check to see if the diary was changed previously by the other mod...


So questions

1) Are "Sarevok's Diary Corrections" from UB

AND "SixofSpades' Expanded Sarevok Diary" subcomponent of "Sarevok's Diary Adjustments" in BG1NPC the same?


2) Will there eventually be checks in place to skip if the other is installed?


3) Will there at least be a mention here about the player needing to at least make a choice and not install the other.


I'm self skipping the BG1NPC component for now since I have already installed the UB component.


Also feel free to move this to a better topic location. But since it does deal with BG1NPC, perhaps, here is a good place. :)

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vanilla with the game,

"slightly" restored (just correcting the dates) in BG1NPC regular

"Rationalized and Updated" in SixofSpades' UB component

"dates and characterizations and entries extended" in SixofSpades' BG1NPC component



and basically, it is up to the user to decide which version they want. There are no plans to flag for it; we (someone besides me :) ) could update BG1NPC and UB documentation.

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Updated documentation:


in readme-bg1npc.html starting at line 204

<p><strong>The <acronym title="Baldur's Gate">BG1</acronym> <acronym title="Non-Player Character">NPC</acronym> Sarevok's Diary Adjustments</strong> <br /> 
This component installs either SixofSpades' Expanded Sarevok Diary, or the original <acronym title="Baldur's Gate">BG1</acronym> <acronym title="Non-Player Character">NPC</acronym> Project version.<br />
SixofSpades' Expanded Sarevok Diary adds content rationalizing in-game events as closely to the storyline as he could, and incorporates entries that give depth to roleplayers. It also sets the diary to a book instead of a scroll. It is more a comprehensive change than Unfinished Business.<br />
BG1NPC's original version changes the dates in the diary to fit the <acronym title="Baldur's Gate">BG</acronym> storyline more closely. It is less agressive a change than Unfinished Business' version. <br />
Not installing either means that you have the original diary, flagged as a scroll, with no content changes.<br />
In order of extent of changes, from least to most, between Unfinished business and BG1NPC:<br />
vanilla with the game,<br />
"slightly" restored (just correcting the dates) in BG1NPC regular<br />
"Rationalized and Updated" in SixofSpades' UB component<br />
"dates and characterizations and entries extended" in SixofSpades' BG1NPC component<br /></p>


repaired 11/24/2008 prerelease v17

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