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Jaemal's Flirts

Cal Jones

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My male NPC is romancing Jaemal in my current game, which is getting towards the end now. The problem I have is Jaemal is flirting far too often (like every couple of minutes). It's rather annoying when you are busy looting a chest or corpse, or casting protective spells, and get interrupted. The flirts themselves are fine, but once you've seen them all several times, it gets wearing. I honestly don't remember Diriel flirting this often.


I finally resorted to turning them off, but he carried on flirting anyway! (Even though there was an option to tell him to start flirting again in the menu).


I don't have any other mods installed and the game is fully patched and up to date.

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Sorry, what's the entire line in need to type in for these?


I just had a problem with his cutscene as well (the bridge in the Severed Hand) - got the question on the bridge and then they just stood their like lemons. Task bar was greyed out so the only thing I could do was quit to desktop.


Edit: I replayed this part again and it went OK the second time. What happened in the first instance is that the cut scene took a while to get going (possibly because there was an area effect spell in place, I'm not sure) and Jaemal and the PC ended up on opposite sides of the crack in the bridge, so I got the speech, but not the actions, and it couldn't complete itself.


Spoiler: I was rather bemused to get a marriage proposal - I never realised the North was so liberal! I did think it rather odd that Jaemal referred to my very masculine male PC as his bride... I'd always envisaged the PC as the "man" in that relationship! Perhaps a gender check is needed and some slightly different text if it's a gay relationship rather than a convenational one?

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