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Monkey Island RPG

The Midnight Hawk

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*Comes out of shadows looking flustered*




*Gets on soapbox*


Um, okay so I don't post here that often, just occasionally come out of the shadows to say "Yay I love this mod!", so this is a bit difficult. :)


Anyone who's ever been into adventure games (and even some people who aren't) must have at least heard of the Monkey Island games. Well some die-hard Monkey Island fans started a Yahoo mail group some years ago and since our members seems to have all dropped dead recently we desperately need some new pirates/Voodoo Priestesses/Used Boat salespersons/Undead/Monkeys/Giant Hamsters/Australian Real estate developers/ect. just about anything goes, knowledge of the Monkey Island games isn't neccesarry either.


*Gets off soapbox*




Oh yeah...the link....



Monkey Island RPG/



P.S. I am not the Webmaster or even a Moderator for this group, so this is not a shameless self-promotion, but a shameless promotion on behalf of someone else.



*Curls up into a ball*

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WAY OFF TOPIC: Please don't hurt me.
For all your off-topic needs. Yorkshire puddings and wormholes everywhere, rejoice!

There is no topic in Noobermeet and we don't (usually) hurt people.

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At first I thought this was going to be a TC for BG2 or NWN, in which case I was going to warn you that you'd probably be getting a letter from Lucas Art's lawyers before long.


But since this is just a message board thing, you should be okay :).

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