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Some small Deheriana trouble

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Finally got back to Suldanesselar, was going to miss Deheriana (At the time I forgot that if you miss her out, Kivan leaves), got to the end of the game, beat Irenicus, then Kivan left, taking his rather expensive and powerful equipment with him...


So I reloaded to just before Suldanesselar, got Deheriana, got the dialogues with Aerie (even the "I think my soul is thawing" one), awakened Rillifane's avatar, sat outside the palace for an hour, and nothing happened. She didn't leave, she didn't heal, no dialogues.


Is there any globals I can set, or things I can do to either fix this or speed it up?


Also, would Ctrl+I speed up the process, or make it bug out? I got that slight flirt pack bug, where Aerie would talk but I'd get the flirt menu instead (and I'm positive I installed in the proper order this time on a clean backup), but Ctrl+I got me to what she meant to say.


Edit: Forgot to mention, I'm using v8.

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