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PM or E-Mail me bug reports, and I will try to fix them as soon as possible.


Remember to check the Hotfixes thread for anything that you might need to do for your install!


A log:



v0.72 - Maintenance release: bug fixes and no more install warnings

v0.71 - General reordering of content, using a revised set of timings so that content is more understandable. Typos, typos, typos.

v0.7 - MOAR CONTENT! We have Mages now! And, of course, a selection of bugfixes... We must alert all BETA TESTERS! Also, we have a lone interjection. See if you can spot it!

v0.67 - REALLY fixes the rejoining bug. (And it WILL)

v0.66 - Fixes stuttering and any bugs in the moving of the dialogue. Yoshimo now spawns properly in ToB

v0.65 - Moves (again) Yoshi's Brynnlaw dialogue, which should also remove said stutter. Should also fix the Fate Spirit Dialogue.

v0.6 - Hopefully fixes the infamous stutterbug

v0.51 - Testing version, changes are minor. Should fix a bug.

v0.5 - General Update, fixes a few annoying bugs and clears up scripts and dialogue.

v0.41 - Fixes a bug with Sime to start the dialogue.

v0.4 - Hotfixes the bug with Yoshi's Katana, and changes the way his starting dialogue is initiated.

v0.3 - Fate Spirit updates, bugfixes abound!

v0.21 - Bugfixes that stopped Yoshimo spawning and his dialogue.

v0.2 - Optimized Yoshimo.

v0.1 - Kept for SoA + ToB, minor content

v0.0 - Removed the variable, kept for SoA only




I will only upload the files without the WeiDU installer, because it was taking up too much room. To install, simply rename a WeiDU.exe to Setup-#!Yoshi.exe and run it in your BG2 directory after extracting the attached files there. (You can download the latest version of WeiDU here.)


There is no Mac version of the mod yet.




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