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Gavin's spells: Entangle

The Angry Druid

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I noticed something vis-a-vis Gavin and the other BG1 clerics.


They have Entangle, he doesn't.


Now I know this is really a Druid spell, but all the BG1 clerics have it. But the "mod" clerics (Gavin, plus Finch) don't.


I think all of them should have Entangle or none should. I think either a Gavin patch or a Tutupatch are in order.


And the lack makes Gavin less desirable to have in the party.

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Er... I don't touch his spells. Manipulating a cleric's spell selection would require changes to the overall game, as the BG2 Fixpack does, and I haven't made any changes like that in the mod. In other words, he knows any spell a non-mod cleric or a cleric PC would know. He hasn't got it memorized, but then, he hasn't got any spell memorized at the outset.

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Gavin hasn't entangle in my game, too. But at the moment I can't check if the other clerics will have it or not. Which cleric has entangle in your game? My first thought was, that another mod interfere and this is not a Gavin problem...


Greetings Leomar

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Guest LadyRolePlay

I am running the non expert ..mod that Leoman works so hard at.


I went onto my game and did a quick check of the only two clerics I have thus far.


Gavin DOES HAVE the entangle spell, it's a first level spell represented by a red squiggly line.


Branwyn also has the same spell.


I assume all clerics have this spell, but Gavin, at least in my game has it, indeed has the same choice of ALL spells as Branwyn.

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I'm thinking that this is an EasyTutu thing. The latest version of EasyTutu incorporates the BG2 Fixpack, which removes Entangle, but BGT users will be unaffected by this, unless, of course, they, too, use the BG2 Fixpack.


So no, this isn't a Gavin thing. I don't make global changes to cleric spell selection, nor do I even make individual ones. In fact, I did not want to influence player spell selection at all, which is why he starts out with no memorized spells.

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