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Errors. I hate errors.


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When installing my mod, I get a LEXER ERROR saying that # is invalid. I don't know what these are, and how to get rid of them, so help please.


I know it isn't anything to do with my #, because after a little editing it said ~ was invalid, and that would be silly. It is in a d file, and the only # it is complaining about is in #!Brynn1, a state name, #! is my prefix, so it is in every var and state name.



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I think that is the safest way to ensure everything anyways:






CHAIN IF ~global("myGlobal","LOCALS",1)~ THEN ~B!GAVINJ~


APPEND ~%tutu_var%DENIR~


you name it, the setting of the file aside in ~~ [%% ""] works wonders for clearing up that sort of difficulty parsing.


the statename problem is more than I have ever tried, though.

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