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Invisible Stalkers

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In the 'summoned creatures should not give XP' fix you include both Stalke.cre and Senstalk.cre.

Stalke.cre is not only used as a summoned creature for the spell Invisible Stalker but also as an enemy in BGT and probably some mods.

Senstalk.cre is clearly not summoned by a spell and is merely unfortunate enough to share the same characteristics as Stalke.cre. Moreover this creature file is only used once in the whole game and that is AR6108.bcs where it gets created as support for Sendai.


Could you therefore exclude both .cre-files in a future version of BG2 Fixpack?



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Hmmm, this looks like it could be the problem with never getting experience killing Glabrezu, even though they are only _sometimes_ summoned demons, but other times (such as in the ranger stronghold quest) they're just visitors to the Prime Plane. What to do about the one in the Guarded Compound in the Temple District I don't know. He might be summoned, or he might just live there.


Also, not sure it matters, but in BG, in Degrodel's House there are many Invisible Stalkers. It's not clear if they are summoned creatures, or employees who live on the premises, either.

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