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I would like in gemrb

Guest bubucaos

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Guest bubucaos

I wolud like to hear the voice of the characters.

To use right click for positioning the face of the group when moving.

To use area spells like fireballs

To hear different sounds when moving an armor or a bottle in inventory.

That the characters dont move so silly when going to a possition.( If there is another character in the way he can move a bit for letting pass)

That the characters stop to attack a dead enemy

To use the thiev hability of hiding in shadows

To see how much points of damage recive each character or NPC

To use contention sac ( Icewind Dale 1 ) without the game falls

And a tutorial for idiots like me for configuring gemrb.cfg ( it taked me hours) or find a simpler way.


And dont remember more by the moment.

I think Gemrb is wonderfull because i love linux but i use to play that games in windows. But by the moment if i can't cast fireballs or explore with thiev i'll have to restart with windows each time i want to play ( And I hate that )

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