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These quotes are great, perfect for sigs


After having fallen in to radioactive waste and just gotten out.

DOOM Guy - "Who do you suppose left all that radioactive waste down there?"

DOOM Guy - "And why?"

DOOM Guy - "WHY?"

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Anyone read the rave reviews DOOM 3 is getting? Comparable to System Shock 2 they say. I've played that game (SS2), fucking awesome and scarey I tell ya. GameSpy say it's id's best game ever, to my memory atleast.

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Guest gniiiiZ

IIRC System Shock 1 came out just before/at the same time as Doom 1, yet it did so much more. Regardless of any similarity, System Shock 2 has done what Doom 3 is apparently doing long before the advent of D3, and in my opinion SS2 is a far better interpretation on all levels except perhaps graphics. Having played D3, the only similarities between the two I have encountered are (rather flat, and comparatively inferior) audio logs, and certain aspects of the atmosphere such as the sense of claustrophobia and tension (and yet I would strongly maintain SS2 performed far better than D3 in this regard.) In my opinion, Doom 3 really is behind it's time.


Is Doom 3 enjoyable? Yes, to a certain extent. Is Doom 3 the OMGZ BEST GAEM EVAR?!?!?1111? No, I do not think so (perhaps temporarily so if it had been released 5+ years ago.)


Also, I would humbly doubt the provision of an objective appraisal of Doom 3, or any other future over-hyped title by the likes of Gamespy and the ilk. Monetary incentives purchase many a kind word.

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