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greater werewolf paws and equip any item

Guest certain fool

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Guest certain fool

bg2 loaded up with tactics, assention, redemption, dungeon be gone, and ease of use.


Played a T/M and chose equip any item as first special. Then Had Cern create a set of greater werewolf paws and gave them to the protagonist. T/M can turn into a greater werewolf at will with all buffs from RofVecna/etc...(not from inertial belt though) and cast spells while polymorphed. Mighty cheesy considering the 21str, 20dex, 25con(132hp total), -10 ac, 3hp/s regeneration, protection from normal weapons, 50% protection from elements, 40% protection from magic, 3 hits/r @ 2d8+3 ...as permanent buffs...no strings attached...



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