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Preview of new items!


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As a teaser, I'm posting the descriptions of a few of the items that will be available as you follow Elai and Nasard in their lives. :(


As always, comments are appreciated! :p


Elai's Signet Ring


This exquisite piece is Elai's signet ring, identifying him as being heir of House Al'Maraska of the Shadovar. Numerous gems are set into it, and detailed inscriptions run around the outside. The centrepiece is a large, jet black and perfectly polished piece of obsidian. Such an item is doubtless of immense value, and although Elai wouldn't give it up, if sold it would fetch a price even kings would struggle to pay.


While such rings are often left unenchanted, Elai has had this one ensorcelled to provide protection from missile attacks.




Protection from Normal Missiles while equipped, as per the spell.


Weight: 1

Usable by:



Elai's Spellbook


This is a large book, bound with some exotic leather-like substance. A dark oval gem crowns the cover, which is adorned with gold symbols. Elai explains they are arcane symbols marking it as his own property, and paying homage to Shar, the source of arcane power for Shadow Weave users.


The faint scent of dark magic surrounds the book, and the writings inside mark it as a mage's spellbook, though they are different from anything you have seen before. Elai is reluctant to let you touch it for too long, and will not permit other mages to try and take notes from it - the mysteries of the Shadow Weave, he explains, are not to be taken lightly. It is not an item he intends to part with again.


This band is Nasard's signet ring, identifying him as being an important member of House Al'Maraska of the Shadovar. Much simpler than Elai's ring, Nasard's is a plainer band, though strongly radiates dark power. When he catches you looking at it Nasard hides his hand from view - just as well, as the sight of the ring hurts your eyes.


Obviously magical, Nasard enlisted the help of fiends to enchant this ring with several protective measures. Although he is arrogant, Nasard is not foolhardy.




Grants immunity to poison while equipped.

Vocalise while equipped.


Weight: 1

Usable by:



This is Elai's Shadow Glaive, an ancestral weapon of House Al'Maraska. Taken from him at his betrayal and imprisonment, Elai has now reclaimed what was rightfully his.


The shadow glaive is a long, dark weapon composed partially of real matter and partially of material from the Plane of Shadow. When grasped it allows Elai to draw power from that plane to which protects him from harmful magic. The magical and slightly insubstantial nature of the blade allows it to harm those creatures who are normally immune to lesser-enchanted weapons, though stops the wielder's strength from adding to the potency of the blows.




Thac0 Bonus: +2

Damage:  1D10 + 2,  +1D3 cold


Treated as a +4 weapon for purposes of determining what it can hit.

No strength bonus on damage rolls.

+1 bonus to saves vs. death.

+1 bonus to saves vs. spells.

Damage type: slashing

Weight: 5

Speed Factor: 5

Proficiency Type: Halberd

Type:  2-handed

Usable By:



One of Elai's quests will result in the Shadow Glaive receiving a slight upgrade.


Shadow Robe


This type of robe is often given to Shadovar monks scouting in the service of their lords. Monks in the City of Shade are typically devoted to Shar and possess magic items to aid a stealthy approach.


It is enchanted so to increase the wearer's skill and decrease the noise he or she makes when moving.



Bless while equipped

+20% bonus to Move Silently skill while equipped


Usable by:



Shar's Chastisement


This flail radiates dark magic.


Until it is identified, however, the nature of the enchantments will remain a mystery.~

SAY DESC ~Since the original departure of Shade for the Plane of Shadow, many of the deities that were worshipped in the past have perished and others have risen to take their places. Shar, the original goddess of evil, darkness and secrets, is one of those who has persisted and now is about the ony deity worshipped by the Shadovar. This flail was created by her servants for use by her priesthood.


When used in combat it chills and silences those it strikes, allowing them to feel Shar's chastisement.




Thac0 bonus: +2

Damage:  1D6 + 3, +1D3 Cold Damage


Target must save vs. spells with a -2 penalty or be Silenced for 30 seconds.

Damage type:  crushing

Weight: 10

Speed Factor: 6

Proficiency Type: Flail/Morningstar

Type:  1-handed

Usable By:

Evil Cleric


Arcaniist's Robe


The Netherese civilisation were possibly the greatest arcane spellcasters to rule over Faerun, and they left behind many a powerful item.


When Netheril fell not all of its secrets were lost as some outposts, such as the city of Shade, lived on. Now known as the Shadovar, Mages in Shade continued to craft powerful magic items, and this is no exception. It harnesses magical energy to greatly enhance a caster's prowess, as well as afford some measure of protection.



Wearer may cast Wondrous Recall once per day.


Armor Class:  5

Saving Throws: +2 bonus

Weight:  6

Only usable by:

Mage (single, dual, & multi-class)



Voice of Farahd


Scant few years past, Farahd Ouf'Rahim was a warrior of one of the nomadic Bedine tribes living in the Anauroch desert. In one of the Shadovar's earlier forays to the Prime, it so happened that their scouts appeared in the vicinity of the tribe's camp, and in the dead of night they raided and kidnapped several of the Bedine for interrogation. Among these was Farahd's wife- not about to let her go, he stealthily tracked the dark warriors back to the portal they had come from and followed them through, and his skill with blades combined with the surprise of his lone assault meant he successfully recovered many of the abductees.


Unfortunately, he took a deep cut from a Shadovar assassin's blade laced with poison and passed away soon after. His old scimitar was imbued with his soul, so that the heroic warrior could be allowed to live on in a fashion.


That, however, was not the end of Farahd's tale. The Shadovar's need for secrecy was utmost, and within a matter of weeks they struck again, killing every last member of the tribe. Recognising the significance of the weapon, Nabezzar, the wizard slayer leader of the original expedition, took it as his own. Arcanists in Shade tried unsuccessfully to condemn Farahd's soul to eternal torture by adding a demon's essence to the blade, so in the end they settled for a permanent Feeblemind spell upon it. While still conscious within the weapon, Farahd is completely incapable of communication... Such is the vengeance of the Shadovar.




Thac0 Bonus:  +1

Damage:  1D8 +1

Damage type:  Slashing

Weight: 3

Speed Factor: 4

Proficiency Type: Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninja-To

Type:  1-handed

Requires: 10 Strength

Not Usable By:





And finally, the most deadly of them all...


The Balor's Toothpick



Even fiends have to eat. While generally looked down on as savage and evil creatures, some of the more enlightened ones amongst them have learned the secret art of dental hygiene. Though few people would want to use something that's been inside a Balor's mouth in combat, this makes quite a passable, if eerie, weapon.




Thac0 Bonus:  +1

Damage:  1D4 + 1


Wielder can cast Horror once per day.

Damage type:  piercing

Weight: 1

Speed Factor: 1

Proficiency Type: Dagger

Type:  1-handed

Requires: 3 Strength

Not Usable By:


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Shar's Chastisement

I'd like to suggest to either lower the saves vs. the silence effect to 0, reduce the duration of the effect to 10 seconds, or lower the chance of this effect from 100% to 50%. In its current state this flail can decapacitate mages and any innate/spell using creature with ease - maybe, if this item is for ToB only, but not a wise idea in SoA.

Another possible solution to counteract this heavy effect is to significantly lower the weapons enchantment level to +1.


Also, I'd like to ask something Andy. Could you change the "prot. from silence" effect of Nasard's ring to ANYTHING else? I only ask this because it crashes with one of the Refinements Sorcerer HLAs (Casting by Intent, which adds permanent Vocalize effect and immunity to any miscast effects). If you'd change this to some other fitting bonus, I'd be grateful. :)



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Actually, that Silence effect is pretty powerful - I think I might remove the save penalty and decrease duration, yeh, since you'll now be able to get it from Chapter 2 rather than having to wait til the Underdark. :)


How do you mean the Vocalise crashes? It breaks the game? Or is it just it would make that HLA redundant?

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How do you mean the Vocalise crashes? It breaks the game? Or is it just it would make that HLA redundant?

Of course it won't crash the game, I haven't really used the right words in my post above :) .

No, I only mean that this would make the HLA partially redundant, and since it is a sorcerer HLA this is somewhat problematic. :)

You see, I'm really looking forward to get this pair into my party, they sound clearly one of the best NPCs out there. To be honest they are in my top 5, ATM. I hope they'll be as great as they look now!

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Mostly Bioware NPCs:

-Viconia (amazing character and a fascinating woman)

-Sarevok (the real fighter, and a real bad-guy)

-Edwin (should I say why? :) )


But I prefer to have

-Silver Star (if only she'd be finished! :) ),

-Valen (the toned-down version),

-and Irenicus (Dorotea did an amazing job here) in the party too.

Currently I'm looking forward to give Tsujatha a try.


NPCs I dislike/hate:




-Solaufein (simply not the Solaufien you meet in Ust Natha - I expected much more from this character than poems and homosexual interest in my PC instead of normal banters between 2 men. Not to mention that he is extremely overpowered compared to any other NPCs - something I really hate)

-Kiara (overpowered as above - I always failed to understand why every NPC modder tries to make his/her character the "best")

-Kelsey (to be honest, this "sweet guy" is not my cup of tea...)

-and maybe a few others. In my next BG2 game I'm going to install many new mods, including several new NPC projects as well.

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