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Xan leaving due to reputation though you are bonded with him


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Before I forget -- I decided that the optimal party size for rescuing Duke Eltan was size 1 (only 1 pair of boots of speed,

saves on the invisibility cast, etc.) But despite being bonded to Xan, and getting a promise from him that he would not

leave me in Candlekeep, even after learning of my parentage .... he just ups and disappears when I reform the party.

My rep is only 17, so I thought that was low enough to keep him. In any event, I think that after you bond to Xan he

needs to have the reputation rule changed, even for people who did not install the happy patch. I could see him refusing

to let me go on this mission alone, or waiting anxiously for my return, but not deciding that it is all over with me because

today's spell lists didn't contain enough invisibility spells. Is the reputation check something that can be done on a

per-NPC basis, or is this an all-or-none sort of thing?

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It is possible - it would just be patching the single dialog state on Xan's XANP.dlg to check for whatever the "bonded" variable is. For your game right now, though, open up the dialog XANP in DLTCEP and modify (on Tutu it is state #4, where there is a "HappinessLT(0)" - you would have to check for the BGT one if you are running BGT) with either a HappinessLT(-299) or an unattainable global, like Global("lac_bonded","GLOBAL",1).


The advantage of adding unattainable globals is that if you want to roll the fix back in your current game, you can just set the global via CLUAConsole.

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This is possible to fix, but will need permission from Kulyok. She goes to great pains to have several talks fire at both high and low reputations, which tells me she expected to have situations where PC and Xan part ways over reputation extremes.


The solution is to change Xan's P-file HappinessLT value and/or add the active romance variable to block him from leaving the party when extremes of reputation is reached and PC<>Xan are bonded.


Held pending author confirmation


Kulyok cleared this via PPg emil - This repair is first on the list for tomorrow. Signing off for the weekend.

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In decompiled _XANP, state 3 ("reputation reaction on rejoining party")


IF WEIGHT #4 /* Triggers after states #: 6 11 12 even though they appear after this state */
~ THEN BEGIN 3 // from:
 SAY #86955 /* ~This whole mission has been a dismal failure from the very start. Consider my debt repaid, friends, as I certainly do.~ */


Rechecking BGT\Compat\BG1NPC\FluidStates.tpa, BG1NPC's .tp2, and BG1NPC\lib\g3_fluid_cpmvars.tpa - the entries are there for BGT 1.06+ and 1.05- as well as Tutu, so no problems with crossmod variables on this one. Apparently no one else plays around with Xan's Post file in such a way as to create fluid states.


Added to bg1npc-v17\bg1npc\core\dlg\x#jfix_bgt.d

line 16

ADD_STATE_TRIGGER %XAN_POST% 3 ~!Global("X#XARomanceActive","GLOBAL",2)~


Added to bg1npc-v17\bg1npc\core\dlg\x#jfix_bgt.d

line 14

ADD_STATE_TRIGGER %XAN_POST% 3 ~!Global("X#XARomanceActive","GLOBAL",2)~


A recheck of "HappinessLT(" on Xan's decompiled _XANJ.D with BG1NPC installed shows no Happiness/Breaking Point condition left open. X#JClean takes all of them out to allow PID. The player will not face Xan just leaving while force-clicking. Instead, it takes an active response from a player to trigger him leaving the party forever.


This should mean that on both Tutu and BGT, when you kick Xan out of the party at reputation extremes, one of two things will happen:


1. If he is not in an active romance with PC, he will leave.


2. If he is in an active romance, he should be able to rejoin.


repaired 11/24/2008 prerelease v17

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