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Is there any reason you don't let people save the game before meeting up with Kivan?

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(I assume it is your mod that is doing this, as I can save as soon as Kivan finds me, and initiates our first

conversation. If something else is doing this, then, apologies.) I'd be happier if Kivan was waiting at some spot when I could find him, allowing me to initiate the first conversation. What is worse, as it stands right now, should I want to see what his responses to my different conversational choices at our first conversation, my last save is the autosave for leaving castle irenicus. That's a lot of cutscene to have to endure just to find out what would happen if I answered differently.

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2 more problems to report related to the 'cannot save before you meet Kivan' problem.


I was able to leave the area just fine. Then I could save. But when I came back, as far as

I could tell, Kivan was plain gone. Looked all over, couldn't find him.


Trying again, I found that I could not sleep at an Inn in the Promenade before I met Kivan.


(Again, if this is cooincidental timing, and not your doing, apologies.)

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He spawns and try to initiate the conversation. The 'try to initiate conversation' part is what causing the other actions to be suspended. I did it to create a sense of urgency in the scene. The sideeffects are unfortunate, but my scripting knowledge is inadequate to do anything about it, particulary now, when I pretty much forgot how to do thing in IE. I am sure that newer mods do things much better :p

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I've found another problem. in About the 4th talk Kivan starts with me, he is all 'but you have no choice but to go after

Irenicus, because Imoen is your childhood friend'.


There are two problems with this. One, there is a response for 'Imoen is a brat but what I really care about is unlocking

my own power', but none for 'I don't care all that much about Imoen, but I will have my revenge on whoever tortured me!',

which, given the revenge theme that Kivan and I have shared all through BG1, is rather surprising.


The second wrong thing about this is that this conversation spawns too soon. Imoen and Jon Irenicus are both in

jail right now, and it is only the morning after I have had my first night's sleep in Athklatha. So from my point of view,

Jon is in jail, ***great going cowled wizards!! this is exactly where he belongs!!*** and Imoen is in jail as well. I'd like to

spring her, but it is going to take quite a while before I think that assaulting the prison is a good idea. I want to try

legal means to free her from the Cowled wizards. I just got this terrific quest from one of them out in the Gvt district after

I paid my fee to be allowed to use magic, and pretty soon I expect to be in their good graces and can arrange for

Imoen's release. Or maybe their own court proceedings will clear her ...


All of this changes, of course, when Jon takes over the prison, but my point is, that hasn't happened yet. So Kivan

speeches about going after Jon Irenicus and rescuing Imoen need to wait until that happens, IMHO.


Does this make sense.


Otherwise, i am enjoying the mod quite a lot. Thank you for it.


Laura, pleased to get her buddy and mentor from BG1 back.


Oh yes, one other note. In the BG1 Tutu version of K&D I was offered to use a portrait of Kivan to make it

consistent with the rest of the saga. I said yes. But the portraits aren't anything like each other. Looks like there

are 3 choices here, not 2.


take care and thank you,


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Heya, I appreciate your enthusiasm very much, and it's great that you see the RP choices that are lacking for your character. I would have definetly looked into the module to see how it works back in the hay-day :p Unfortunately, the mod's status is a bit confusing, since I finished writing quite a few years ago. But we moved it a couple of years back to 'in development' to merge with the LoI, which never happened, and realistically will never happen. So, in practice, I finished working on Kivan some 3 years ago, and to be honest I really don't intend to revise/revisit this module. I am just working on something else. And I am very greatful for the input you gave a bit back on the new project I am working on. :p

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Guest Dirty Uncle Bertie

Would you consider letting someone else expand your mod, Domi, if you're no longer interested in working on it?


I must say that I do like Laura's ideas.

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No, I didn't 'agree' with that. I said I would have taken a look to see if the extra option is necessary. The nature of a CRPG is such that it is limited by the choices offered and can never become "unlimited". Overbloating a nod with choices is not exactly the best thing either - 10 options per nod is often as bad as 1.


I also ask you and anyone else who holds the same opinion that a mod should remain in a perpetual development to have mercy on an author. Perpetual development is a draining proposition, particulary if it's not a single mod the author released. It is also *very* difficult emotionally to give away the creative rights, and have to live with the consequences of this descision.


Here, this is as honest and as polite answer as I can 'mustard'. If that's not enough, then it's not enough and I can do nothing more about it.

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Ah, I took your "...you see the RP choices that are lacking for your character" to mean that you also saw the RP choices that are lacking. My mistake. Thanks for responding to my queries.

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