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2 Problems with the description of the cloak 'natures vengeance' you give after the umar hills quest.


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One problem is just boring old english grammar rules.


.... to whoever successfully hit the . ---> ... to _whomever_ successfully _hits_ the


add a 'm' and an 's'.


The second is more conceptual. I don't understand from the description how this new cloak I

received, Natures Vengeance works.



I get 5 pts of electical damage to my enemies *every time they hit me*? or *just the first time*?


Must try it and see, but then your description must have it, I think.


you take care,

and icen, yes, I will get to leaving Athklatha soon, I promise, to test yoshi, :p



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Any thoughts on:

Vengeance: inflicts 5 points of electrical damage to melee attackers who successfully hit the wearer

(Edit: I'm not sure how to convey information about your second point without making it unnecessarily lengthy. I assume most people will figure it out when equipping it.)


Like Raj mentioned, we have a thread set up just for typo reports - here - and another for feedback on items - here - but no specific place to ask questions about parts of the mod you're unsure of. Those probably require their own topic, but it might make things more organized if the first two were all located in the same place.

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OK, i will try to keep typos in their proper spots. Sorry,
No need to apologize, and just that this topic is here we can try to "standardize" the desription of effects like this.


IR's Firecam Plate Mail has a slightly different description for an ability which is pratically identical, if not for the type of damage inflicted.


Vengeance: inflicts 5 points of electrical damage to whomever succesfully hits the wearer


Retribution: any who strikes the wearer in melee suffers 5 points of magic damage


Which one do you prefer?

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