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How is the quest with Jozzi Seasnake in the Sahuagin City supposed to work

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When I first visited the king, I pick pocketted him for all his posessions, including the treasury key.

I then robbed the treasury. There was no magic item that gives you the ability to live on land in



Then I went back to talk with the priestess, and afterwards met Jozzi. I agreed to do what she

asked. Then I tried this 2 ways:


1. I went back to the treasury to see if the item was now in it. It wasn't.

2. I decided to betray the king. The betrayal went well. But I never found any special magical item.

It was neither in the treasury nor on the king's corpse, nor on any of the other corpses.


Jozzi, on the other hand, reacts as if I have the thing.


So where was it supposed to be?

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