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BR & SoZ Issue...

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Uncertain why this is happening, but ever since I installed SoZ I have had Bishop dissapear from the game entirely after he "visits me" during my squire ritual..


Deleted saved games 3 times and started from scratch and ran though to this point, and each time, after Shandra, sand, and I return to the flagon after telling torio i'm a squire of neverwinter, Bishop is no longer next to the table near the fireplace....


Tried doing the "copy character file from another save to newest save and reload", but no dice :)

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Ok, after doing some experimenting, I finally got a resolution (for now anyhow lol) I used the console command of: rs kr_roster_edit and he was actually in the list (when I would get the imfamous missing Casavir missing bug he was never in the list for me to select so I didnt even think to try that one)


so for the time being until the game decides to lose him (again) I got Bishop back (now every time i enter the flagon im immediately looking at the fireplace though LoL)

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