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Sir Nord


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Hi folks :),


I haven't seen much of this mod yet, but let me say one thing: congratulations on sir Nord. A not - annoying paladin is one thing, but a paladin who is likeable... how the Nine Hells did you do that? ;) My chaotic evil warrior really seems to like his company. Great job, great character. Thankies.

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Thank you. believe it or not, but Nord is a derivative of... King Renly Baratheon, Ser Jaime Lannister and Haer'Dalis! I know, I know... But basically I used to want to make Hildury as a BG2 NPCs who was somewhat of a derivative of Martin's Brienne, but her 'man' changed over time from Haer... into Sir Nord. Of course, he also have some Gorion in him, or what Gorion had never become in BG1. :)

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Good work then - I thought of Brienne the very moment I saw Hildury, heh. And sir Nord is a nice mixture! I hope you keep him in good health, it seems he has some potential of a dangerous split personality disorder, heh heh ('Is that the best ya can do, pox - ridden son of a strumpet?!' 'Ah, my hound, I do think you are in need of some more stylish battle - cry...' 'What the hell?!' 'Stop it, both of you. 'Tis no time for petty quarrels.' ;))

My BG characters rarely liked Gorion - when I write about his and protagonist's relation, I make him the man who is the 'official' caretaker, but rarely has time for the child, so that the Bhaalspawn ends up seeing Hull, Winthrop or even Reevor as the actual father - figure. But hells, if only Gorion would speak like sir Nord... ha, my Bhaalspawns would love him so much that they would have killed Sarevok right on this stony plain! (this is the part where I get ashamed of myself for messing the conditionals up... ah, the curse of being a non - native).


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Gorion interested me greatly for many years now. I am working on one of my favorite versions of him for the Deathstalker, though who knows if it manages to come accross in one encounter. Oh, well, BG is fascinating. :)

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